Frequently asked questions for first year UP Students

Going to university for the first time means that you have lots of questions. Additionally, 2019冠状病毒病大流行影响了十大赌博正规平台在线十大赌博正规平台在线的教学方式. 如果你对2019冠状病毒病有不确定性,新的冒险等待着你, the frequently asked questions (FAQs) with answers below are for you.



如果当前的封锁级别继续有效,将从3月15日(周一)开始在线上课. Any changes will be communicated to you via email, so please ensure your contact information is correct.

面向一年级学生的学术指导周课程将完全通过网络进行, 但是那些无法接触到适当技术的学生可以进入他们的校园, 计算机实验室的导师将在哪里帮助他们完成在线培训.

欢迎日将完全在线举行,并将在UP虚拟校园平台上举办. A link will be sent with your invitation to the event

面向一年级学生的学术指导周课程将完全通过网络进行, 但是那些无法接触到适当技术的学生可以进入他们的校园, 计算机实验室的导师将帮助你完成在线培训. Because of the reduced number of students on our campuses, we will still be able to ensure social distancing during orientation.

UP还为所有临时录取的一年级学生开发了在线预适应模块. 该模块将包括一门课程,培训你的计算机读写能力,并向你介绍UP使用的学习管理系统, known as ClickUP.

没有接触过技术和技术工具的一年级学生将会, upon registration, be provided with the option to physically access UP computer laboratories, 在那里,他们将从训练有素的导师那里获得完成ClickUP预培训模块的实际指导, before the institution-wide Academic Orientation Week kicks off.

不熟悉过渡到混合(在线和面对面)教学和学习环境的一年级学生可以使用他们的手机参与入职前培训项目. 他们将指导如何访问和使用他们将在ClickUP中遇到的工具. The technology section of the programme is developmental in nature, with beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. For more information on orientation, please visit for updates.

If you are a first-year UP student, 参加在线学术指导周是实现你的教育目标的一个重要成功因素. 学术适应周课程从在线预适应模块开始, which can be completed using your smartphone from 15 February. Find out more about the programme here:



正式的TuksRes欢迎和迎新周将于2021年3月1日至7日举行. During this week, 十大赌博正规平台在线将确保十大赌博正规平台在线所有的学生都具备在十大赌博正规平台在线度过成功的第一年所需要的一切, academically and also as a student in a new environment.

只有一年级学生收到居住事务和住宿部的确认,他们被分配到北方大学宿舍的房间,才可以入住, from 27 February 2021.

For accommodation enquiries please email:

For accommodation enquiries please email:

For accommodation enquiries please email:

For accommodation enquiries please email:



The details of the academic programme and calendar can be viewed here.

获有条件录取的学生可于3月1日起到上读大学入口的学生中心查询入学情况. You can find the portal here.


你可以在2021年3月1日至9日期间通过学生门户在线注册. 请尽快注册,并联系在线注册帮助台012-420-5347或发送电子邮件至 [email protected] if you have any queries. Please be patient when submitting a query. Our staff will respond within 72 hours.

  • Registration for the 2021 academic year will be fully online.
  • Students will receive student cards on a needs basis.
  • 需要实物学生证的一年级学生可以使用UP门户的学生中心预订系统预约领取学生证. 一旦预订确认,他们将被邀请从2021年3月15日起到Hillcrest校区领取学生卡.

Once you have registered, 您将能够通过导航到TUKS谷歌Portlet在UP门户上激活您的Gmail帐户. Click on this link to set up your UP Gmail account

已被取消入学资格的学生和已被录取的学生将可以转到还有名额的课程. This option is available on your UP Student Centre under Admissions, and only until all places have been filled.



Please visit the NSFAS website, 点击MyNSFAS帐户,使用您的ID和设置您的配置文件时创建的密码登录. You will then be able to track your application.

NSFAS在二月份表示,他们不会资助第一次入学(FTEN)学生的衔接课程. This does not apply to students who started their studies in previous years.

NSFAS表示,他们不会资助BEd (FTEN)学生以及BCur项目.





只有在您完成注册后,才能索取学费发票. Click on for more information.



The University is no longer accepting new applications. Applications for 2022 open 1 May 2021.

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